Lauretta Iyamu

Email Marketer & Ghostwriter

Founder at Clientpreneur. I help business owners convert subscribers into sales with highly effective email marketing strategies.

The Email Mastery Blueprint (FREE 5-day mini-course)

Optimize your email marketing efforts across five focused days.

Each session is specifically designed to correct common mistakes and prevent negative outcomes, enhancing your overall email marketing effectiveness.


$47 (normally 197, save $150)

The step-by-step guidebook for entrepreneurs on going from low engagement and sales to building a loyal customer base with email marketing without spending on expensive ads in just 30 days.


$47 (normally $97, save $50)

To build a flourishing business, you need to stop doing email marketing the old way and start following a reliable plan for rapid business growth.

Building an email list and engaging with your subscribers has been a difficult and time-consuming task.

This “Done-For-You Email Marketing Templates” Package provides ready-to-use templates that make building a profitable email list simple and fast.


$27 (normally $47, save $20)

This planner is your essential tool for organizing your email campaigns, tracking your progress, and refining your strategies.

It's designed to help you execute your email marketing more effectively and achieve your goals quicker.

Make your email campaigns better!

✔️ Work more efficiently by planning ahead.

Manage your email campaigns more easily.

✔️ Stay organized with all your email plans in one place.

✔️ Improve your emails with regular checks and updates.

✔️ See how well your emails are doing and plan smarter.

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